Africa get's Techno

Trans City Orchestra

Robert Usewicz: Voice, Synth. and sound engineer
Karolina Gorgol: Voice
Jan M. Pluta: Drums
Ingo Frischeisen: Perc. Synth. Voice
Tomasza Zietek: Trumpet
Piotr Dunajski: Tuba
Pawel Nowicki: Marimba, Vibraphon.

Robert Usewicz - Trans City Orchestra

Instrumentalist, composer and music producer. He gained knowledge and experience in the Eighties in London at the Brixton School of Engineering, in the Studio Plant of Robin Miller, producer of Sade, Sam Brown, Terenca Trenta D'Arby; Nico Syckes the pioneer of London drum & bass and directing a recording studio in England and in Poland. Of not minor importance is his artistic path, among others, Record of the album Electronic Division, in which guests as leading Polish Musicians, such as Grzegorz Ciechowski, Jorgos Skolias, Ryszard Sigitowicz and Krzysztof Scieranski participated.

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